We welcome you to Corpus Christi College Website on behalf of His Grace The Most Reverend Dr Peter Loy Chong, Archbishop of Suva and Head of the Catholic Church in Fiji.

Bishop Victor Foley, the Founding father of Corpus Christi College, envisioned that the college would prepare young men and women for the service of expressing by word the teachings of the Church and to pass on by example the practice of faith. This service by Catholic teachers helps the children’s holistic growth and assists parents fulfil their responsibility as the first teachers of the faith and moral and religious practice to their children. Only Catholic Teachers can provide this service to our children in schools.

The Catholic Church believes that teaching is a vocation of highest importance which requires special qualities of mind and heart, most careful preparation and a constant readiness to accept new ideas while adapting the old. Teachers should be prepared for their work with special care having the appropriate qualifications and adequate learning both religious and secular. They should be skilled in the art of education in accordance with the discoveries of both the past and modern eras. Possessed by charity both towards each other and towards their pupils, and inspired by an apostolic spirit, they should bear testimony by their lives and their teaching to the one teacher who is Jesus Christ.

Remesio Rogovakalali – Principal