The Corpus Christi Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Archbishop on policies and directions for excellence in Catholic teacher education at CCTC and assists in their implementation.


“During the next four years the Board will utilize the talents of its members to continue to promote the values and beliefs that ensure excellence in Catholic teacher education, assisting the holistic education of the nation’s children in partnership with the Ministry of Education which recognizes the value of this contribution and provides some resources.

The Board will advise the Archbishop by charting the future direction of Catholic teacher education and by suggesting financial and other resources needed for development and expansion.

It will ensure the hiring of highly skilled and experienced team of Catholic teacher educators and will assist the Principal with the upgrading of curriculum, facilities and environment.

The Board will also assist the college staff with policies concerning the enrolment and education of young Catholic teachers who will be well prepared with knowledge and skills, well-motivated by faith, personally mature and socially responsible. To achieve these objectives, the Board will request the necessary resources to carry out research, reviews, assessments and other activities, in consultation with the Catholic Education Board, the Ministry of Education”